DIAMONDBUFF™ By Bee Stunning

Ready for a more radiant look?  Finally….you can have professional results at home!  This microdermabrasion tool, which is made of stainless steel and finely crushed diamonds, helps exfoliate skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What You Get

Patented Diamondbuff™ Microdermabrasion Tool , made of surgical grade stainless steel and finely crushed diamonds, used by professionals and is now available for home use! + User’s Manual

What It Does

Diamondbuff™Microdermabrasion Tool 
  • Immediately provides a velvety smooth appearance to the skin.
  • Helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps even skin tone and lighten pigmentation.
  • Reduces and smooths Acne scars and other types of facial scars.
  • Helps to firm and tighten skin.
  • Helps to reduce clogged and enlarged pores and give you a porcelain-like complexion.
  • Helps to reduce acne lesions.
  • Helps to repair sun-damaged skin.
  • Makeup goes on smoother and helps to achieve a flawless finish!
Good To Know : Diamondbuff
  • Large 1" Diameter diamond head allows for exfoliation of a greater surface area.
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Does not use suction
  • Can be used on dry or damp skin
  • Recommended on damp skin for best results
  • Can be used in the shower
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to store
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • No messy cords, batteries or replacement parts
  • No recurring maintenance costs
  • Approx. 5-3/4"L x 1"W x 1/2"H


Facial Beast

I have used this 4 times and there is a huge difference. My pores are not as visible, my skin tone is evening out, my acne scars are fading, my dark spots are lightening, I no longer see the fine lines around my mouth or on my forehead and my fuzzies on my face aren’t growing back nowhere near as fast. And my skin is so smooth. I do this maybe twice a week. Beware that you don’t use this tool too long in one area. I learned the hard way (I guess that is one way to get rid of dark spots).

Luvtoshop16, IA

Happy girl Lois!!!!

I'm so excited!!! I'm 57 with laugh lines and wrinkles above my upper lip!!! Ladies this little tool is a miracle!!! You do have to be gentle and know your own strength but once you try this a couple times you are going to love your face!!! It will take time because it took years to get those wrinkles. Friends have noticed and I just say I love my diamond buff!!! I'm doing my chest now and all I can say is wow!!! My skin is getting younger every day!!! thank you I love my skin again!!!

beautiful100, FL

Glowing skin

I was a doubter but ordered anyway. I used once since receiving (just got it a few weeks ago) and did it work. I cannot believe how my skin went from dull to glowing. I used with Glycolic face wash. Fantastic!

Bostonmum68, MA


This is a wonderful tool! I’m in my late 50s with enlarged pores on my nose and cheeks. I’ve tried all of the scrubs and even the microdermabrasion plug-in tools for home use, and nothing compares to this. Use a light touch and your complexion will feel like glass! I have problems with my skin peeling and flaking and FINALLY, this is a tool that can deal with this perfectly! Love this!


Really works

I was hesitant to use it. I have a lot of acne scarring and sun damage. It is softened bumpy scars. Lightened sun spots after 3 uses. I used it dry daily. Washed with dawn dish soap. A few minor breakouts occurred most likely waiting to erupt. I would highly recommend. I use retinol after wards.

jake12122, MI

LOVE this beauty tool!

Firstly, I have VERY sensitive skin, so unfortunately, no retinol for me. Additionally, I have slow thyroid, am 59 yrs. old, so cell turnover is kind of slow. I hate how quickly my skin feels rough. This tool makes my skin feel baby smooth, I love it! I don’t have many wrinkles yet, but I swear this thing has improved my overall youthful appearance - thanks! I’ve been using it for ~1 year and am back to buy a back-up. FYI: I don’t use it with water! I find I have better pressure control.

Deocoop, MI

The best way to exfoliate!

I have tried many exfoliating methods on my sensitive, aging skin and hands down, this is the best method I have ever used! My skin has never looked better and there is no irritation whatsoever. I will never be without this tool!

hokie989, PA

Good product!

I really like how soft my face feels after use. I like how much easier this is than the other more expensive items I have purchased. I do believe exfoliation is so necessary for your face. I use other products and so I didn’t have as much flaking off as in demonstration. Highly recommend!

Marsha27, IL

Exfoliating Genius

I love this tool!

concat, MI

Brilliant tool

This little tool is the best! After one use my face feels as soft as a newborns bottom!! I just love it, people pay big money to get facials but this does the job better!!!!! Thank you!

motheroftwo2, NJ


I don't usually write reviews, but this tool is excellent! I am 57 years old and have several dark spots. I have tried all kinds of lotions, with little results. This tool just rubbed them away. I didn't see much results on my wrinkles, but I have only had the tool 2 weeks - but the results on my age spots was immediate!

kid12345, CA

Bee Stunning Me

Even though, it's a little soon for full review, I want to let you know that if used correctly you will have NO skin irritation! I'm 68 with very sensitive, thin skin so, because of some of reviews, I used too much water! Started using correctly and WOW it's fantastic! Even my 17-yr. old granddaughter noticed the difference after only 3 uses. My skin is SOOO soft & already looking better. I, also, use on my bumpy arms & rough elbows. Now, no more bumps & I have soft elbows. This little tool is amazing and if used as directed you'll be amazed too. On the fence? Try it.

lindyluvFl, FL


Luv this. Made a big difference. Make one for the body

bren831, MI

Absolutely Love It!!!

I do not know how I lived so long without it. This is much more gentle, effective and easy to use than I could have imagined. I am very happy with this purchase.

eamusa, CA



kittyboy7, AZ


I felt a difference in my skin the 1st use

Kimltn, TN

Amazing Tool

I am 72 years young with great skin, which I have always taken care of and few wrinkles, but I have been plagued with chin hairs that grow below the skin line. After using this twice it has made a huge difference by exfoliating the skin and exposing the hairs so I can pluck them out. I can use it every other day with no abrasion. I see a clarity to my complexion and know it can only get better. One of the best purchases I have made!

maryanng1, CT

Diamond in the rough!

This is a jewel of a diamond tool! Follow the directions and enjoy the glow. I added my lips and hands, soft lips, smooth hands age spots disappear more with each once weekly exfoliation! Love this and the money I am saving not going to dermatologist for monthly exfoliation. Give it a try your skin will thank you!!

Anonymous, NV


This is the best invention since sliced bread. I can't get over how smooth my skin is now and how much smaller my pores look. I thought this was going to be too harsh for my face, but I was so surprised to see the results after the first use. I've used it a couple times now and I just can't get over how much better my makeup stays on now. I'm really anxious to see how much of a difference my skin will look after using this several more times. I have a combination of dryness and oiliness and it's just amazing how well this tool works for me. I'm sorry I didn't order it sooner. If anyone else is on the fence, please you've got to, at least, try it for yourself.

buckmar, VA

First use, you see a difference!

Got this to add to my teenager’s skin regimen. From the very first use, we noticed brighter skin and within a few days their skin began to clear from acne(blackheads). I’m happy to find something that works for my teenager’s skin! This tool exfoliates the skin, making the acne creams work so much better. Thank you BEE stunning!

Bren04, AK

DiamondBuff exfoliation tool

I love this product. I use at least 2x a week. I saw results quickly. It takes a few minutes to apply to my face. My skin felt better and my creams went on smoothly. Must have product!

abigail222, NY

great product

Does exactly what they say it does, but don't do it too hard if you have sensitive skin, exfoliate easy but more often, this is a great product I highly recommend it.

AnnaKoos711, IN


I'm in love with this tool. I do it once a week after cleaning my face.my skin is pink soft glowing.it may not seem like it but it's a powerful tool be careful and gentle. I know they say don't use if you have eczema but I do have it I also have kp which is chicken skin on my arms I tried it on arms and it's hardly visible.my arms are soft and smooth no longer bumpy. I can't believe the results. This is a must have it will change your skin for the better. Wouldn’t be without it ever.

meanie43, WI